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Shaped by working with distinguished organizations like the U.S. Senate, Harvard Business School, Fidelity Investments, a NYC hedge-fund & a top-ten mortgage company. 

Managed multi-million dollar accounts and increased productivity as VP of Business Development, Executive Sales Manager and Director of Strategy. 

Spurred innovation by founding/managing new product lines, a Continuous Improvement Department, and a real estate startup.


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"People are becoming increasingly untethered from their communities–detached from orbit into a whirlwind of lost identity. The American Dream is no longer a yellow-brick road, but a call to rebuild… together.


The antiquated meme, pushing homeownership as a “long-term investment”, is changing. No longer does a homeowner have to calculate an equity loss of 6% when selling a home. The home should evolve and change with the needs of the family. Employment changes, kids grow up, lifestyles pivot… why can’t we change homes with more fluidity?

The flat-fee movement facilitates greater fluidity, empowerment and peace-of-mind in homeownership. The new American Dream is about seeing the home as a entrance to a community, not simply a vault of wealth creation." - Zak Waddell (President, CEO)


"We are better when we collaborate with others. But it’s not pajama parties and campfire songs. It is creating a disciplined system of governance that laughs in the face of convention. We don’t vote to reach a majority. We actively contribute until we reach 85% consensus.

Rather than defending your side and further polarizing discussions, we constructively offer proposals that the whole group can agree on. Eventually, something creative comes about and most of us agree. And most is enough."  - Zak Waddell (President, CEO)


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